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As Shadow and Rouge looked over the disaster of a world they live in, they were both planning a big crime. Though they as a team call themselves freedom fighters, they do, do hostile things to get what the want. Whether it would mean violence or even death.  Rouge and Shadow have been partners for 30 years now, though they have had their ups and downs they have stayed together, and now more than friends. A few days ago it was their 11th anniversary. Shadow had got Rouge a nice necklace, it was purple with a pink design around it. These are Rouges favourite colours, she hasn’t taken it off since. For shadow she got him new studs for his ear. She got him a nice diamond. Whether she bought it or not will be a mystery. Shadow from his younger days has not changed much, just upgraded his shoes, gloves and socks, and of course the studs and rings on his right ear.
As they both looked into the city of chaos, Rouge looks at Shadow and exclaims “ I think we got this in the bag” Rouge has always been blind to danger. Even though when she was 26 she almost lost her right eye in an ambush, while she fought she did manage to gain the upper hand. The attacker was only a teen, about 16-17. He begged her to forgive him and let him live, when he did this Rouge had let her guard down and then he pulled a knife out and got her in the eye. But lucky for her it only left a scar, a reminder to always be aware and not to take mercy on anyone who is willing to attack.  Shadow being more cautious simply replies “ Don’t get too cocky, anything could happen” Rouge just looked at him and then looked into the city again. Rouge sighed as what shadow had just said made her think and she knew he was right, but she didn’t like admitting to it.  

Shadow seeing as the sun is about to set pulls out the plans and him and Rouge both agree to stick to this plan. They plan to rob 2 shops in the same night, which is a risky job. Same job that caused Rouges scar. Usually they would do these missions together in case one of them got into trouble. But they guessed maybe tonight will just go as smoothly as any other night. Shadow and Rouge have worked up a lot of hate towards them. They travel at night, seems like the smartest thing to them. Which seems to work, people though have started putting more security now because of it. Shadow didn’t like the thought of letting Rouge go on her own, Rouge just thinks he over thinks things and worries to much. Rouge thinks she’s ready for a lot, but don’t be fooled. She’s not stupid. If she thinks something is way to risky then she will not do it. She just knows this city very well.

As they see the sun is fully down Shadow calls Omega, the third team member through his communicator. Omega is the computing and analysing of the group. He plots the good places to take from, and where the tasty treasures are. He also had a way to the electricity to the whole city, but rarely cuts it off because they might find out. Omega rarely comes on missions with Shadow and Rouge, because he is a big robot, he hasn’t got the speed or flexibility of the Bat or Hedgehog. He only comes along is he knows there will be a fight, which is his strong point. Rouge and Shadow bring him back information on the town and he will process it. It has been like this for 20 years now. They just hope there will be a time they can retire, they are getting to old for this and they want a peaceful retirement like any other Mobian.

As Rouge and Shadow set off they lift a backpack each, they contain simple things like a knife, water and rope.  In case they need a little help. They both get down, Rouge flies into the corner of the city and dives down, Shadow runs into the middle of the city and hides, they both contact each other saying they are in passion and get ready to strike!

To be continued
Just a new sonic fanfic with my fave team, team dark. Hope you enjoy
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is rouge blind in one eye?
rouge2t7 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok then:)
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